indications between China and Euro

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prises to ▓explore new cooperation with France not only within the two ▓countries, but also in third-party markets, and strengthen joint research▓ and development on nuclear base and high-tech te

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chnologies.Xi said he hoped the new cooperation in aviation, aerospace and other fields could be well

implemented."We should expand the ope▓ning up of the two-way markets. China is willing to expand two-way trade and investment with France, improve trad▓e and investment liberalization, and jointly uphold m▓arket rules and t

  • he importance of maintaining a
  • nd enhancing political mutual trus
  • t, Xi called on both sides t
  • o put their words of respect
  • ing each other's sovereign
  • ty, territorial integrity, cor
  • e interests and major conc
  • Vestibulum at tellus mauris
erns into ac


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he principle of fair competition," Xi said.He said he hope

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d t▓hat France will put into action its words of not ad

Chinese pre
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